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Mind The Hoax

Mind The Hoax


A new world order is being imposed on humans and human liberties are under attack from the world governments. People need to learn the entire plan so that they can counter this. However, there are many theories circulating in the media all of which are produced by the plotters. Only an independent research could reveal the real plot.


Burak Turna's latest research sheds light onto the real reasons behind the most incomprehensible but effective  "project fear" of history; Pandemic 2020... He uncovered the entire plot... And you will be able to see all the evidence and go and check the sources. 


Why are people (including children) forced to wear masks and inhale their own CO2?


Why do they have to stay away from their grannies, friends, neighbours?


Why do young people have to isolate themselves at their homes?


What is being planned? 


Who is behind this non-sense?


Read it before it is too late and share with your loved ones.



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