1909 Istanbul has fallen

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A great book by Burak Turna... 1909 Istanbul Has Fallen... 

On a dark April day in 1909, an invasion army marched on the capital of the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul. The invaders quickly seized the city and ended 456 years of Turkish rule. But this invasion sank into oblivion following the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire. Historians and the general public have debated the fall of the Ottomans for a century without knowing about the greatest political and military event of the previous millenium. A network of international intrigue powerful enough to muster foreign armies to fight for its cause had destroyed the Turkish Empire. The Empire killer organization carefully covered its tracks keeping the future generations in the dark about the true past of the world. Comprising original research and a deep analysis, "1909 Istanbul Has Fallen" reveals an astonishing history that has remained a secret until now. It delves deep into the dark past of the international political crime syndicates and their key players, describing a shocking plot by using the historic British and the Commonwealth media archives.


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